Best School Bills Plan

Product Features

    • Minimum entry amount of N50,000.00
    • Minimum monthly additional investments of N20,000.00
    • Investors can monitor their investment any working day from the website.
    • Principal and Interest earned will be rolled over on maturity, if no investment instruction is given between 7days prior to maturity.
    • Bonus of 1% p.a. on principal for those who did not part-liquidate during the preceding year.
    • Interest payable every 365days and re-invested(optional)
    • Full or a partial liquidation allowed before maturity but attracts a 20% penal charge on accrued interest

Target Market

Salary earners and self employed Individuals

Minimum Tenure

365 Days

Product Benefits

  • Investors will have an opportunity to grow their funds to a certain amount thereby using it for set targets(school fees)
  • Investors will be granted UT Loans to make up for shortfall in school fees at a discounted interest rate.
  • Principal and interest earned are guaranteed upon maturity.
  • It can serve as collateral for loan from UT at a discounted interest rate.

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