Earn with Ease

Product Description

This product is designed for everyone. Its objective is to encourage savings through investments especially among the low income earners.

Product Features

  • Minimum entry amount of N50,000.00
  • Minimum monthly investment of N5,000.00
  • Investment Rollover options
  • Full or a partial liquidation allowed before maturity but attracts a 20% charge on accrued interest
  • Principal and Interest earned will be rolled over on maturity, if no investment instruction is given between 7days prior to maturity.
  • It can be used as collateral for a loan from UT

Target Market

Low income earners and also self employed Individuals(artisans etc)

Minimum Tenure

180 Days

Product Benefits

  • Encourages investors to save money for target projects/ businesses
  • Investors can monitor their investment any working day from the website
  • Principal and interest earned are guaranteed upon maturity.
  • It can serve as collateral for a loan from UT at a discounted interest rate.

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