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Product Description

This product is discounted, which means that interest is earned upfront. It has options for N500,000.00, N1,000,000.00, up to N5,000,000.00. The target market for this product is high income earners and corporate investors.

Product Features

  • Minimum entry amount of N500,000.00
  • Investment in multiples of N500,000.00 and upward
  • Investors can monitor their investment any working day from the website.
  • Interest payable upfront, which translates to higher yield and thereby guarantees earning on investment
  • Full or a partial liquidation allowed before maturity but attracts a 20% charge on accrued interest
  • Principal to be rolled over on maturity, if no investment instruction is given after 7days of maturity.
  • WHT exempted.

Target Market

High income earners and corporate investors

Minimum Tenure

180 Days

Product Benefits

  • Investors will have an opportunity to grow their funds to a certain amount thereby using it for set targets and projects
  • Bulk sum realized at maturity can be utilized in a target project.
  • Principal and interest earned are guaranteed upon maturity.
  • It can serve as collateral for loan from UT at a discounted interest rate.

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